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make your life easier - 

at home and at work


Create a user profile to access the tools you need for your organisation and personal life.

What you get - for free!

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A secure platform where you are the owner of your data

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Video meetings makes it easier to connect with colleagues and friends

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Dedicated workspace for every project, contract, group and governance room created

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Move files by simply dragging and dropping them into the location of your choosing

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Unlimited document storage - for free, for ever

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Share news and information with others in news feeds

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Access control so that the right people have access to the right things

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A file manager in every workspace and web documents compatible with Word

Collaboration purple.png

Include external team members just as easily as internal team members

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Create a personal network and chat with your contacts

Communication purple.png

Chats make communication and information sharing easier

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Create tasks to keep on top of activities and due dates

Membership purple.png

Create membership-based collaboration and sharing networks

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Everything in one place – always available and with all the tools you need

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Create open collaboration and sharing networks for common, global challenges

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Free means free – no hidden costs or price plans

@HOME by Induct

is a digital space for your personal life and 



@HOME has the tools you need to manage and organise your personal life – from renovation projects to bills, insurance, subscriptions, life events and holiday planning.

@WORK by Induct

is a digital space for 
organisational work and collaboration


@WORK has the tools organisations need to manage, organise and collaborate on work – internally and in partnership with others.

How it works

All you need is a user account. Your account gives you access to all the tools in @HOME, and you can register an organization and get access to all the tools in @WORK. 

Step 1

Sign up, verify your email

address and log in


Projects @HOME

Contracts @HOME

Groups @HOME

are available and ready for use


Step 2

Register your organization for @WORK by Induct.


Governance @WORK is available and ready to use, and the organization can create @WORK communities


Step 3

Create the @WORK communities your organization needs


Projects @WORK

Contracts @WORK

Groups @WORK

are available and ready for use

Why Induct?


Juggling different accounts and price plans across multiple platforms can become tiresome – and expensive. That's why we have gathered everything you need in one place, free of charge, regardless of the number of users or level of usage.

We have removed artificial boundaries that make co-working and collaboration unnecessarily difficult. 

Invite whomever you want to collaborate with and control the access level you want them to have.

The future is about sharing – sharing knowledge, experiences, insights – and controlling what you share with whom. Create or join networks and let others benefit from your knowledge.

We make it easier for business owners to manage and grow their business by offering dedicated governance rooms and work communities for projects, contracts and groups.

Work in teams and use news feeds, team chats or 1-to-1 conversations to stay informed. Manage your time and activities by creating and allocating tasks. Work on and store all relevant documents in the file manager.

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