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Our mission

Knowledge, competence, experience, and information (human capital) are key resources for our knowledge driven economy. Our mission is to increase and improve the distribution of these resources and enable people, organisations and wider communities to efficiently make use of them. We do this by providing, a free and easy to use collaborative space, for people, organisations and society.

Focus on users

Induct is for everyone – individuals and organisations alike; business owners, entrepreneurs, teachers, nurses, parents, students…

Induct is free and easy to use.


Knowledge is power

Knowledge is everywhere but obtaining new knowledge can be challenging if you don’t know where to look for it. We imagined the power of everyone’s combined knowledge and created to set it free.


Our story

Founded in 2007, Induct was a first mover in the development of innovation management software. Since then, we have acquired a unique understanding of how innovation works in practice. At Induct, we have witnessed many successes and failures, and from these experiences, we have created an innovation management methodology. This methodology describes the approaches used by the most productively innovative organisations and shows how these can be adopted and adapted by others. Not only is this methodology one we recommend to our clients, but it also underpins the mindset upon which we build our platform.

This development led to the successful introduction of Induct on the Norwegian stock exchange in 2016.

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