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What is innovation management?


Innovation management is the process of managing the collection of good quality ideas and collaboratively and systematically using them to drive organisation growth and productivity. 

There are several components to successful innovation management:


Identify a good quality idea


Analyse the potential opportunity of that idea


Conceptualise the resulting process, service or product


Develop the project in collaboration with a select team

What can innovation management do for my organisation and me?

Innovation is vital for growth. The process of innovation management can help organisations turn challenges into opportunities and bring creative ideas to fruition. 

By following the workflow processes of innovation management, organisations can move quickly and collaboratively towards delivering solutions.

Innovation management provides the capacity for organisations to learn from all stakeholders, with a classified idea archive that can be fed into and drawn upon at any time.

Why should I choose Induct Innovation Management?


We help you make innovation happen by fully supporting you in your transition to embracing an innovative culture within your organisation. 

In developing and implementing innovation management software across a broad range of organisations, we have acquired a unique understanding of how innovation works in practice.

From this experience, we have created an innovation management methodology based upon the strategies used by the most productively innovative organisations in the world. Our methodology shows how these strategies can be implemented and adapted by others. Not only is this methodology one we recommend to our clients, it also underpins the mindset upon which we build our software.

Induct Innovation Management software is all about…



Focus on a specific campaign or harvest ideas on a general level.

Select the right ideas to support your organisation’s strategy.


Strong processes

Different types of innovation might need different processes. Induct can be adapted to exactly fit your needs, or you can choose to select pre-designed processes that already work for others.



Keep track of all your innovations, monitor their progress and analyse the impact of those you choose to develop. Using the archive, you will store every idea, with the option to work on them whenever the time is right.



Connect in communities and build an innovation culture with input from all stakeholders, regardless of location.

Our Innovation Management software, coupled with dedicated, tailored support, helps you build the successful strategic framework you need to drive innovation.


If you use Induct Innovation Management and need support, get in touch with our support team by sending an email to

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