@WORK by Induct

is your digital space
for work and collaboration

@WORK is a digital ecosystem where we give you the tools you need to manage, organize and collaborate on your work - alone or together with others.


Gather all of your projects in one place, have full control of your contracts and take collaboration to the next level in dedicated groups.

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Contracts @WORK
gives you the overview and control you need to manage your contracts

Create a digital workspace for all of your contracts - to make that part of your business run a little bit smoother.

Organize your templates in one place, collaborate in teams to get contracts ready, secure sign off from the right people and create alerts so that you never miss a deadline or important date again.

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Projects @WORK
makes it easier to manage and collaborate on projects and initiative


Create a digital workspace for all of your projects - to make that part of your life a little bit easier.

Find, view, collaborate and work on the projects in your portfolio. Create plans, organize the work and store key documentation. Build teams regardless of physical location and get the benefits from digital co-working and collaboration.

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Groups @WORK
is a dedicated space for all of your important discussions

Create a digital workspace for all of your discussion and work groups and let good collaboration help you focus on the right things, at the right time.

You can organize groups by theme or organizational structure - we figured we'd leave those details up to you.